Hi, my name is Adam Ruf.
I'm a UX designer who codes.
I help teams deliver smiles.

Pyramids representing the hierarchy of user needs, as described by Aaron Walter in his book, Designing for Emotion. From bottom to top: Functional, Reliable, Usable, & Pleasurable

Who Am I?

I'm Adam Ruf, SF-based Design Lead & Sr. User Experience Designer on the BrightRoll Ad Products team at Yahoo.

When I'm not mentoring the next generation of UX/UI designers, I support teams with UX strategy and design.

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How Can I Help?

I help teams achieve their goals through user research and design leadership, including usability testing and prototype development.

I also provide mentorship for startups and user experience designers.

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What's New?

May 18, 2016
I'm creating a monthly newsletter aimed at helping you become a better UX/UI designer. Subscribe to Design Juice!

May 10, 2016
On Tuesday(5/24) and Wednesday (5/25), I'm mentoring at back-to-back UXNight events providing career advice, design critiques, and stickers.

Recent Projects

Tool for creating fast and fun user dialogue flows

I wanted a faster way to create attractive user dialogue flows than using Sketch, so I built a simple MVP that allows UX designers to create a dialogue flow between a user and an app and then print to PDF or paper to share with stakeholders.

Easily view details of any LendingClub note

I love LendingClub, but was frustrated with the inability to easily view the loan details for an invested note. Using HTML, CSS, and jQuery, I built a simple form that accepts a LendingClub loan ID and launches the details page.

UX Consulting with EasyHire

EasyHire, a team including current and former colleagues, is out to improve the technical and remote interviewing experience. I served as contributing UX designer & consultant to help simplify workflows and communicate a vision for great experiences between interviewers and candidates.

Improving usability with mobile app design refresh

Sensilk had built impressive fitness sensor technology, but their prototype mobile app needed some love, so I was tasked with improving usability and aesthetics in a go-to-market iOS app.

Layout and style concept for Moringa's website

As a consultant for Kenyan code school startup, Moringa, I used InVision to share some concept mockups to accompany my suggestions of using stronger typography, repeating the primary CTA, and improving contrast with an accent color.

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