Hi, my name is Adam Ruf.
I'm a UX designer who codes.
I help teams deliver smiles.

Pyramids representing the hierarchy of user needs, as described by Aaron Walter in his book, Designing for Emotion. From bottom to top: Functional, Reliable, Usable, & Pleasurable

Who Am I?

I'm Adam Ruf, SF-based full-stack UX Designer, and member of the Design team at Twitch where I help people save time and have fun achieving their streaming goals.

After hours, when I'm not mentoring the next generation of UX designers, I support entrepreneurs with freelance UX strategy and end-to-end design support.

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How I Help

I help teams achieve their product or service design goals through lean user research and design strategy, focusing on rapid prototype development to quickly learn what works, what doesn't, and why.

I also provide mentorship for startups and individual designers growing their design cultures and careers, respectively.

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What's New?

Jan 10
SF designers, you can catch me at Mentor Night tomorrow (1/11) at Cloudflare HQ. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and helping designers tackle their thorniest issues

Jan 1
Happy New Year! I've got a feeling that 2017 is going to be awesome, regardless of who's moving into the White House. One of my goals is to help at least 10x more people than last year. How about you?

Recent Side Projects

Cannaly website

Shifting perceptions of Cannaly through a website redesign

Cannaly's a tech startup providing a marketplace platform for manufacturers and retailers of cannabis-infused products. Working with the founders, I leveraged proven content strategies, like social proof, repeated CTAs, and imagery to help visitors better understand Cannaly's offering.

Tool for creating fast and fun user dialogue flows

I wanted a faster way to create attractive user dialogue flows than using Sketch, so I built a simple MVP that allows UX designers to create a dialogue flow between a user and an app and then print to PDF or paper to share with stakeholders.

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