Hi, my name is Adam Ruf.
I'm a UX designer who
codes. leads. writes. mentors. streams. cares.

I help teams deliver
smiles. solutions. impact. kaizen. innovation. systems.

Pyramids representing the hierarchy of user needs, as described by Aaron Walter in his book, Designing for Emotion. From bottom to top: Functional, Reliable, Usable, & Pleasurable

I'm streaming & chatting #ux-design on Twitch.
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Who Am I?

I'm Adam Ruf, SF-based full-stack UX Designer, and member of the Design team at Twitch where I help people save time and have fun achieving their streaming goals.

After hours, when I'm not mentoring the next generation of UX designers, I support entrepreneurs with freelance UX strategy and end-to-end design support.

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How I Help

I help teams achieve their product or service design goals through lean user research and design strategy, focusing on rapid prototype development to quickly learn what works, what doesn't, and why.

I also provide mentorship for startups and individual designers growing their design cultures and careers, respectively.

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What's New?

May 25
This afternoon, I served on a panel of design judges for a SketchTogether design contest presented by my friend, Pablo Stanley.
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Apr 1
Since my team at Twitch launched a feature for scheduling and sharing events, I've started scheduling design streams ranging from usability testing to visual design and front-end coding.
Find upcoming events at twitch.tv/ux_adam/events

Recent Side Projects

Making it easy to design for 16:9 image requirements

When we decided to use the 16:9 aspect ratio standard for the Twitch Events feature my team and I launched, I built a simple 16:9 dimensions calculator to help me get the proper dimensions for displaying user-generated images at high-quality.

Tool for creating fast and fun user dialogue flows

I wanted a faster way to create attractive user dialogue flows than using Sketch, so I built a simple MVP that allows UX designers to create a dialogue flow between a user and an app and then print to PDF or paper to share with stakeholders.

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