Sr. UI/UX Designer at Twitch

Twitch.tv logo

At Twitch, I'm responsible for driving, documenting, and executing on a design vision and strategy for the Creator dashboard experience. Projects included Event creation and management experience, reimagined Stats, Activity, and Editing pages. After hours, I'm usually streaming design Tuesday - Thursday evenings.

Sr. User Experience Designer at Brightroll (Yahoo)

Yahoo logo

I joined Yahoo in 2015, through its BrightRoll acquisition. As part of the integration process, I was invited to serve as design lead for the unified Demand Side Platform (DSP), where I played leader, researcher, mentor, cheerleader, prototyper, canary, recruiter, and more to help the team move the design vision for the unified platform forward.

Sr. User Experience Designer at BrightRoll

BrightRoll logo

I joined BrightRoll in 2013, where I worked with a team of UX design generalists, product managers, eng managers, and engineers to deliver features for the award-winning BrightRoll console (a video-advertising-focused demand side platform). In 2015, BrightRoll was acquired by Yahoo for $640 million.

UX Designer/Product Manager at UserTesting

UserTesting logo

In my two years as a UX Designer/Product Manager at UserTesting, I helped increase average order size and gifted time back to users through improvements in the video player and editing tools, test creation flows, dashboard, feedback collection tools, support center, and more.

UX Design Mentoring at Designlab

I started partnering with Designlab as a design mentor to help people from diverse backgrounds learn and practice design skills including user research and interaction design.

Shifting perceptions of Cannaly through a website redesign

Cannaly website

Cannaly's a tech startup providing a marketplace platform for manufacturers and retailers of cannabis-infused products. Working with the founders, I leveraged proven content strategies, like social proof, repeated CTAs, and imagery to help visitors better understand Cannaly's offering.

UX consulting with EasyHire

EasyHire, a team including current and former colleagues, is out to improve the techinical and remote interviewing experience. I served as a consulting & contributing UX designer to help simplify workflows and communicate a vision for great experiences among both interviewers and candidates.

Improving usability through redesigning Sensilk mobile app

Sensilk iOS app

Sensilk had built impressive fitness sensor technology, but their prototype mobile app needed some love, so I was tasked with improving usability and aesthetics in a go-to-market iOS app. After auditing the prototype, I worked to simplify user flows before, during, and after workouts and deliver a modern look and feel through fresh iconography, typography, and color.

Layout and style concept for Moringa's website

As a consultant for Kenyan code school startup, Moringa, I used InVision to share some concept mockups to accompany my suggestions of using more masculine typography, repeating the primary CTA, and choosing a single accent color for higher contrast.

Tool for creating fast and fun user dialogue flows

I wanted a faster way to create attractive user dialogue flows than using Sketch, so I built a simple MVP that allows UX designers to create a dialogue flow between a user and an app and then print to PDF or paper to share with stakeholders.

Easily view details of any LendingClub note

I love LendingClub, but was frustrated with the inability to easily view the loan details for an invested note. Using HTML, CSS, and jQuery, I built a simple form that accepts a LendingClub loan ID and launches the details page.

Encouraging loose connections and idea mixing with BrightRoll Lunch Inviterator

For BrightRoll's HAX XV, to encourage the meeting of minds and mixing of ideas, I designed a fun way to invite a random colleague to work, a Lunch Inviterator.

Attempt to increase engagement with Japanese Challenge MVP

To help Japanese language learners practice vocabulary in a new way, I designed an MVP vocabulary challenge for Mainichi Japanese. Psychology research guided us to experiment with a lower-than-usual contrast in order help learners better memorize the characters. What do you think?

Showcasing modern web design to university students with My Favorite Fruit

In 2014, I began teaching at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. To quickly assess my Web Design 2 students' skills, I gave them an assignment to create a single page website about their favorite fruit, scraping content from Wikipedia.

Part-time Faculty at the Academy of Art

Academy of Art University logo

In January of 2014, I began teaching part-time night courses at Academy of Art University. I taught web design and user experience research and design through the Web & New Media department, iterating each semester to continue improving the effectiveness of my teaching, students' satisfaction ratings, and the quality of work they produced.

Making productivity & GSD links accessible with GSD Toolbox

For my first ever BrightRoll HAX project, I designed and built a simple single-page site with links to tools and articles helping my fellow BrightRollers to GSD (Get Stuff Done). Got your curiosity? Check out v1 (sans internal-only BrightRoll materials).

Helping people learn elementary Japanese with Mainichi Japanese

I helped Mainichi Japanese update to a v1 responsive design and replace their flash animations with HTML5-based cross-browser animations. Visit Mainichi Japanese and learn some Japanese today.

Improving the site experience for mobile users with a responsive design refresh

As part of my commitment to pro bono work for non-profits, I worked with Sunday Friends to update their website with a more modern look & feel, and a mobile-friendlier experience that leverages the developer-friendly Bootstrap framework.

Powering additional sales with a website for Bracelets by Deb

Bracelets by Deb wanted a mobile-friendly re-design to help customers shop across devices and a fresh makeover to stand out from the competition. This ongoing project includes user testing and designing features that help customers easily add a little more beauty to their lives.

Having fun with web fonts and CSS3 through Fontastic Questions

A personal playground for experimenting with web fonts and CSS3, fontastic questions also provides answers for the truly curious.

Making your project a success through UX strategy and design leadership

Your project here

If you've got an interesting project that you think might benefit from my diverse UX strategy and design experience, please . I'm especially interested in projects aimed at improving experiences associated with work or online learning.