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I'm Adam Ruf, a Product Designer in San Francisco

I work to empower creativity and help teams + designers win through empathic design

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What I'm working on these days

I <3 the Oxford comma and helping customers, companies, and designers Wherever you are in the design process,
I can help you move forward

  • Vision + Strategy

    design sprints, empathy workshops, vision kick-offs, vision + strategy presentations, competitive analyses

  • User Research + UX Design

    heuristic evaluations, contextual inquiries, research reports, design sprints, journey maps, user flows, rapid prototypes

  • Content Strategy + UX Writing

    information architecture, site maps, UI text guidelines, help articles, product emails

  • UI Design + Design Systems

    wireframes, mockups, interactive prototypes, style guides, pattern libraries, accessible documentation

  • Visual + Motion Design

    SASS/CSS, colors, typography, image editing, illustrations, CSS animations

  • Testing + Iteration

    impression tests, click tests, usability tests, findings + recommendations presentations

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  • UX + Product Design 101

    baseline skills assessment, skill-building projects, personalized reading lists

  • Design Feedback + Iteration

    soliciting design feedback, giving design feedback, iteration strategies, stakeholder persuasion

  • Collaboration

    pair designing, design feedback sessions, multi-designer projects, document and presentation design

  • Career Advice

    job hunting strategies + tactics, portfolio reviews, interview preparation, career strategies

  • Design Help

    ideation sessions, artifact + document reviews, heuristic evaluations, moderated usability tests

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