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What I'm up to now

Updated Sunday October 6th, 2019

😇 Product Design at AngelList

Last week I celebrated my 1-year anniversary!🎉 I'm still super excited about the opportunities to contribute to the impact of AngelList Venture on funding startups and also internally, growing with Chad and Rachel as an increasingly effective and happy design team.

💪🥗👍 Investing in Health + Fitness

I'm getting back to my routines of salad-for-lunch, weekly gym workouts, badminton lessons, and consistent bedtime.

👨‍💻 Freelance Project

I've still got a bunch of work to do to wrap up a freelance client project. 加油!

📔 Reading List

  • Shape Up, Basecamp's playbook for product design and development
  • Indistractable, Nir Eyal's framework for focusing in our world of distractions.

🎙 Weekly Design Streaming

With all the traveling this quarter, I'm excited to get back to weekly design streaming on YouTube. Join me Thursdays at 6pm Pacific for the last few Design Office Hours of 2019.

🧳 Upcoming Travel

  • 🏝 Hawaii for an AngelList Offsite
  • 🏝 Hawaii for Thanksgiving
  • 🐢 Galapagos for a bucket list adventure